Runner Stations represented the physical presence of Runners on Pern. They served both as business centers, proving points of message distribution, as well as living quarters for the runners themselves. They also provided services for runners to utilize to maintain their physical health, such as relaxing baths and leg massages.

Major Station

Fort Runner Station was the largest and oldest of the Stations, location near the Gather Field, with three levels outward facing windows, with the roadway that runs before it. The doors that open into the front entry there is a slate board, that folks can write coming and goings. There are benches that folks can also watch the coming and going too.

Also a side beach that Torlo, meets with Haligon, and Tenna when what happens at the Turnover celebration, at Fort Hold, Healer Hall, Southern Boll Hold, Benden Hold, Landing, Southern Hold, Smithcrafthall.

Torlo, told Haligon, that frozen trace make for hard running.

Minor Stations

18 Station — at Greystones Hold

97 Station — between Lemos and Keroon Hold. Long bench that was an inevitable fixture of every station. The overhang of the roof provided a shelter from sun and rain. Most runners were obsessed with watching the traces to see who was coming and going. The long bench, its surface smoothed by generations of bums sliding across it, was placed so that it commanded a good view of the four traces. Have a tub so long you could lie out flat in it: even the tallest runners could. But you had to keep the fire going under the tank all the time to be sure there was enough for when a bath was needed.

Benden's Station — at Benden Hold.

Wide Bay Station — at Wide Bay Hold, situated as it was on the wide main road in the distance from Hold.

Circle Station — the roof of the station struck a meteorite a thousand turns to the Ninth Pass, leaving a huge circle crater, in which the station was called.

Other known crafters

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