Rudi Shwartz
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Colonist
Headmaster of the school
Era First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Fort Hold
First appearance Dragonsdawn

Harper BlankHold Fort Shield

Rudolph "Rudi" Shwartz was one of the colonists of Pern. He was the headmaster of the school for children.


Rudi Shwartz patiently answered his students' questions about how land on Pern would be allocated. He approved of young Sorka Hanrahan's work attitude and gave her a task with more responsibility.

When the leaders of the colony held a meeting to discuss Thread, Rudi had several questions about the organizing of a central government. When it was time for a vote to be taken, Rudi took note of the count.

Personality and traits

Rudi was affronted when, during a meeting to discuss a move to the Northern Continent, Paul Benden started laughing at something Cherry Duff had said.


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