Rubicon River Hold was one of the Minor Holds on the Southern Continent. Monaco Bay Weyr protected Rubicon River Hold from Threadfall.


Rubicon River Hold was created on the northern coast of Pern's Southern Continent during the Ninth Pass. The hold included a group of sea worn caves which were open to the Southern Sea along the Rubicon River.


At the request of The Tillek, T'gellan (the Benden Weyrleader), D'ram, Master Samvel, Master Menolly, Masterharper Sebell and Lord Holder Ranrel of Tillek (youngest son of Oterel) gathered at a longboat off the decks of the Dawn Sister and the Fair Winds. The Tillek requested that they create the new Dolphincrafthall and Rubicon River Hold. She asked that Readis be named Dolphineer.

Ninth Pass

Rubicon River Hold was founded by Readis as a new crafthall for Dolphineers. Readis' young friend T'lion was given permission to spend time helping there. Readis eventually chose one of the caves, that he had once spotted from the decks of the Fair Wind, as his living accommodations.


At the end of The Dolphins of Pern, Readis dubbed his proposed hold «Kahrain Hold», after he was told that Kahrain was the name the dolphins know of that place from the Ancients. However, Readis' site was actually located on the Rubicon River, between Cathay and Araby Provinces. Kahrain Province was the large peninsula on which Cove Hold was located. This inconsistency was later fixed in the updated version of The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern, which listed the name as «Rubicon River Hold».


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