Ross Vaclav Benden
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Lieutenant
Era First Interval
Landing Party
Affiliation Federated Sentient Planets Fleet
First appearance "Rescue Run"

Ross Vaclav Benden was a crew member of the FSP Battle Cruiser ''Amherst'', which was in the Sagittarian Sector near the Rukbat System.


Ross spotted the orange flag on the map of the Rukbat system, which indicated a distress call. When the message was accessed, it was seen that the problem was said to be related to an "unknown organism".

Ross' uncle was Paul Benden, whose tactics he had studied when he was younger.

Ross had taken a lot of gibing during his first cadet year, when his uncle’s victory at Cygnus was telecast as a documentary, and in his third year, when Admiral Benden’s strategy was discussed in Tactics. But, since he’d been raised in a Service family, Ross had learned proper behavior for these types of situations.

After his Captain Anise Fargoe OKed the Rescue Run, Ross was chosen to lead the landing party to Pern, accompanied by Science Officer Saraidh Ni Morgana.

From his studying of the EEC Report, Ross noted that plants from Altair should work on Pern.


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