Vital statistics
Title Lord Holder
Gender Male
Rank Lord Holder
Era First Interval
Second Pass
Affiliation Ista Hold
First appearance Red Star Rising

Ista Shield

Richud was Lord Holder of Ista Hold late in the First Interval and early in the Second Pass.


After M'shall and his bronze Craigath approached Richud on his fishing boat, at which time M'shall was transporting Lord Holders Bridgely of Benden Hold and Azury of Southern Boll Hold, they asked Richud whether or not he would be agreeable to impeach Lord Holder Chalkin of Bitra Hold. When they explained their reasons, Richud agreed to go along, as long as it didn't happen when he had an afternoon off to fish.

After it was determined that Lord Holder Jamson of High Reaches Hold was opposed to the plan to impeach Chalkin, Jamson's spouse, Lady Thea, asked Richud if she and Jamson could stay at Ista so that Jamson's son Gallian could take Jamson's place at the impeachment vote. Richud agreed. He also agreed when Lord Holder Paulin of Fort Hold asked him to try to make sure that Jamson didn't learn anything about what was happening off the island.


Richud enjoyed fishing, often being accompanied by dolphins.


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