Red Butte its a location that all dragonriders learn to go and from Between. It has been the meeting place for many meetings.

Background and History


A place in lower Keroon. A laccolithic dome that was so difficult to mistake that it often used as a training landmark for weyrlings that were learning to jump between places.

First Interval / Second Pass

The queens say go to the Red Butte, after seeing Threadfall over Landing to see the southern falls before the first northern one. G'don and the others thanked the queens for counting the instinct about dragons fighting Thread. They discussed the change over of wings every two hours. He, M'shall would bring it up to S'nan.

Second Interval

It was were J'lantir 'missing' wing brought the fruits that they found in the Southern Continent during the plague

Sixth Pass

Butte meeting of Weyrleaders; Weyrs consolidate to fight Thread, S'peren took the slips of hides, that named wingleaders and seconds, on behalf of Sh'gall, the lists were made up by Leri, for he was too ill to be told.


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