Records were a vital part of communication on Pern. It was the duty of Lord Holders and Weyrwomen to record important events for future generations.

Every Hold, Craft, and Weyr kept records of historical events, and which were stored in designated areas known as Records Rooms. These records were used as a reference when a problem arose. Due to degrading technology, the Pernese would make use of hides as a writing surface. However, records kept on hide tended to fade and degrade over time, rendering older records illegible. In addition, mistakes in recopying old records resulted in misinterpretations. These would be factors in the loss of knowledge and technology that Pern suffered over turns. By the Ninth Pass, however, paper was reinvented, and began to be used in place of hide, as it was more durable.

Upon AIVAS's rediscovery in the Ninth Pass, its technology allowed for the restoration of old, faded records. This served as a priority task early on, allowing all to regain knowledge of their past.

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