Readis (II)
The Dolphins of Pern 1994
Readis (II) holding on to a dorsal ridge of a dolphin.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Resident
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Paradise River Hold
Rubicon River Hold
Parent(s) Jayge Lilcamp and Aramina
Siblings Aranya
First appearance Renegades of Pern
Notable appearance The Dolphins of Pern

Paradise River Shield Dolphineer Rubicon River


Oldest son of Jayge and named after Jayge's uncle Readis. When he was five turns old he meet the dolphins that saved him and Masterfisher Alemi from a black squall, he could hear what they were saying to him, after they got out of the storm they were in. Told the tale at Swacky Namesday Gather, repeated story to Lord Jaxom when he was getting permission to use Paradise River Hold sand for glass making. Was consider too young by Aramina to speak with AIVAS.


He remember the Words that were spoken during his and Alemi sea adventure.

Retold on first day of classes with Menolly, and made contact with the pod when T'lion and bronze Gadareth, came to Boskoney to Landing and helped make contact with the dolphins, one tried to tell him about the 'sea thorn' in his right leg. It took T'lion, via Boskoney and Alemi, to prove that a sea thorn poison was doing the damage.


He made himself a hold out of the sea caves that he spotted once from the deck of the Fair Winds, that became the Dolphincraft and the Dolphineer to all the Dolphins of Pern

Personality and Appearance

He is very bright, his father thought the Landing School would give his son and others a better education then the basic that the hold harper taught.

Although his right leg is crippled as a result of the infection from a 'sea thorn', that the Dolphin saw, he has learned a way to walk/run, he practiced hard to be able to walk once more.


Additional Information

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