Vital statistics
Title Lord Holder
Gender Male
Rank Lord Holder
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Fishercraft
Tillek Hold
Parent(s) Lord Oterel
Siblings Blesserel
First appearance All the Weyrs of Pern

Tillek Shield Fisher

Ranrel was the Lord Holder of Tillek Hold during the Ninth Pass. He is very understanding, and was trained by his father to take hold.


Ranrel is the youngest son of Oterel, Lord Holder of Tillek. He was known as a hard worker, and was trained to hold; however, a disagreement between Ranrel and his father led Oterel to ask him to leave and never return. Ranrel joined the Fishercrafthall, and eventually rose to Journeyman status. After the discovery of AIVAS, Ranrel would undertake a renovation of Tillek Hold's docking facilities, using the newly redeveloped material known as plastic. Two weeks before Oterel's death, Oterel retracted his banishment of Ranrel, with the Lord Holder Bargen of High Reaches Hold as a witness, as Oterel was proud of the Ranrel's accomplishments.

The matter of succession to Oterel's position was challenged, with Ranrel facing his older brothers, Blesserel and Terentel. Both of the older sons were considered poor holder material but had a few supporters. However, Ranrel's reputation as a hard worker and a supporter of AIVAS led Ranrel to be elected by the Conclave on the third ballot.

Some years later, Ranrel attended a Conclave at which it was announced that an observatory would need to be built on the Far Western Continent. Ranrel offered to donate shipping services for the project and was later noted to have made good on his word.

Personality and traits

He is a caring, hard-working man. He takes care of the people that are beholden to him, and take care of the Hold. During the Conclave for Tillek's succession, he wore Fishercraft colors and had his journeyman knot added to his rank cords; former Lord Warder Lytol of Ruatha Hold approved of this, as it showed that Ranrel was not afraid to show off the accomplishments that he worked hard to earn.


Additional Information

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