Vital statistics
Title Captain
Gender Male
Rank Master Seaman
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Fishercraft
Big Bay Hold
First appearance The Renegades of Pern
Notable appearance The Renegades of Pern

Fisher Big Bay

Rampesi was ship master and captain of the Bay Lady.


He was the one that brought via Big Bay Hold, the new made Master Smith and Toric's brother, Hamian back to Southern Hold as part of Toric's secret trades with the Northern Continent — carrying, Master Miner and journeymen and a number of holdless men to aid in expanding the holding, he had to move his ship out of harbor at Big Bay Hold, for he was being overwhelmed, he was the to tell Toric that proper trade should be set up between Southern Continent and Northern Continent, he was one to bring the messages back and forth, the Masterharper Robinton sailed down there with Menolly and they were 'blown of course' which make chances to things.

He and Masterfisher Idarolan sailed around the Southern Continent meeting in a cove, in which they marked.


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