Vital statistics
Title Dragonrider
Gender Male
Rank Weyrfolk
Dragon Bronze Hath
Era Eighth Interval
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Benden Weyr
First appearance Dragonflight
Notable appearance Dragonflight

Benden Weyr Shield

R'gul was a wingleader and Weyrleader at Benden Weyr during the Eighth Interval and Ninth Pass.


Early Turns at Benden Weyr and Impression

In his early days, Rangul was a weyrbrat at Benden Weyr, along with Sellel (S'lel) and Falloner (F'lon). He occasionally got into trouble, such as when he pushed Larna into the midden heap. He would be punished by being made to peel tubers for a dinner.

Several years later, Rangul would be presented to one of Feyrith's clutches, where he impressed bronze Hath. He would shorten his name to R'gul in the traditional fashion. Impressing on the same day were S'lan, S'lel, F'lon, and L'tol. R'gul would be present at the hatching of Nemorth's first clutch. After S'loner died of a sudden heart attack, he would take Raid and Raid's mother back to Benden Hold.

Becoming Weyrleader

R'gul was among those dragonriders present when F'lon was killed in a duel with one of Fax's followers. R'gul's reaction, unlike the others was noticeably conflicted. R'gul would protest the exile of the man responsible, claiming there was no trial. At Nemorth's next mating flight, R'gul's Hath would fly Nemorth, making him the new Weyrleader. He had support from the other riders, as F'lon's son F'lar was considered too young to replace his father. As Weyrleader, he would begin a policy of non-interference, which led to dissent from the Holders. He was noted to be extremely conservative, and slowly lost much of the support from the riders. However, R'gul was able to maintain his status as Weyrleader by winning the mating flights.

Following Lessa's impression of Ramoth, R'gul would be responsible for Lessa's education as Weyrwoman. He maintained a conservative viewpoint, forbidding Lessa and Ramoth from learning to fly or go between. In addition, a lack of tithes from the Weyrs meant that Benden Weyr began to suffer shortages. However, his policy on non-interference meant that he planned to barter for goods rather than demand that the Weyrs get their fair share. However, Ramoth's first mating flight changed his plans. Despite R'gul's efforts to ensure that F'lar, his main competition, was absent, Hath would lose the mating flight to F'lar's Mnementh, resulting in an immediate change in leadership.

Wingleader under F'lar

After F'lar ascended as Weyrleader, R'gul would return to being a wingleader. He was belligerent toward F'lar's policies, and he even planned to be there when others turned against F'lar as he was sure they would. But he followed F'lar's orders, and his wing respected him. Like many, he was surprised by the return of Thread, but helped to fight it. R'gul would remain a Wingleader until his death, which took place the same year as the deaths of several prominent Lord Holders.


He was a closed-minded man and a staunch traditionalist who refused to entertain any ideas towards Queen dragons flying. He also refused to listen to reason or change his stances even though this turned the other riders against him. He was often torn by indecision and doubt. He had scant respect for F'lar and he also feared him.


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