Peter Tubberman
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Colonists
Era After Landing
First Pass
Affiliation Calusa Stake
Fort Hold
Benden Hold
Parent(s) Ted Tubberman
Mary Tubberman
Siblings Lucy Tubberman, Ned Tubberman, two unnamed sisters
Children Tieran
First appearance Dragonsdawn
Notable appearance Dragonsblood

Beast Vintner BlankHold Fort Shield Benden Shield

Purman, originally Peter Tubberman, was a zoologist on Pern during the First Pass.


Born at Calusa, to Mary Tubberman, and Ted Tubberman. After his father was shunned for sending homing beacon illicitly, he would helped his Shunned father with his projects. His brother Ned, tried to get to talk about the grubs and the cheetahs, after his father was killed, and the family returned to Landing, and Pol Nietro, and Bay Harkenon, tried helping adjust he did say that they had spots.

Its unsure when he changed his name, he worked in the Benden Hold Vintnercraft, and other fields, he developed vine grubs, to help keep the grapes from going sourer. Wind Blossom recall him for doing that when he and M'hall came to the infirmary, after the Benden Watch-Wher attact him.

He was killed in a rock slide, that his son hear via the drums.


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