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Prideth was a Queen dragon who became senior queen of Southern Weyr and, briefly, High Reaches Weyr. She was the first daughter of Ramoth and impressed Kylara.



Prideth was from the first clutch of Ramoth and Mnementh at Benden Weyr. Upon hatching, she chose Kylara quickly, making Kylara junior weyrwoman of Benden Weyr. Initally, the plan was to send Kylara and Prideth to Fort Weyr, however, after Lessa discovered the ability of dragons to travel between times, F'lar and Lessa made plans to send Prideth and the other hatchlings 10 years into the past with several experienced dragonriders, in the hopes that they would mature and add numbers to the severely under strength weyr in time for the arrival of Thread. However, being in two places at once proved to be extremely draining on the riders. Prideth remained in the past long enough to mature, mate with T'bor's Orth and lay a clutch of 31 eggs. Eventually, Prideth and the 71 other dragons returned to the present. By this time however, the need for numbers was not as pressing, as Lessa had brought the remaining weyrs from the past.

At Southern Weyr

At some point, Prideth relocated with Kylara to the newly founded Southern Weyr, where she became senior queen. However, Kylara was often neglectful of her duties. Over time, Prideth became upset with her rider, which was considered troublesome, as Kylara's bond with her queen was expected to help keep her under control. F'lar briefly considered throwing Prideth's next mating flight open, in hopes of attracting a bronze rider who could better handle her, but this idea was vehemently refused by T'bor, who was Southern's Weyrleader. During a trip to Nabol sometime later, Prideth noticed Thread near High Reaches Hold. Prideth and Kylara flew to High Reaches Weyr, where T'kul, the weyrleader, refused to believe her. However, Kylara had Prideth rouse the Weyr, as no dragon will disobey a queen.


When the outcast Oldtimers were sent to Southern Weyr, the Southern Weyr weyrfolk relocated to High Reaches Weyr. Shortly after arriving at High Reaches, Wirenth rose for her first mating flight. Normally, when a queen rises, all the other queens are taken away so that they aren't affected by the passions of the mating flight. However, Kylara was occupied with Lord Meron of nearby Nabol and was not aware of her Queen's emotional state. Prideth too, was close to rising, and the passions of Kylara and Wirenth were too much for her and she rose also. The two queen dragons became entangled in a deadly battle, and even with the intervention of other dragons, both Wirenth and Prideth were lost between. Prideth's death left Kylara in a childlike state.


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