Pol Nietro
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Colonist
Head Zoologist
Era Before Landing
First Pass
Affiliation Landing
Fort Hold
Spouse Bay Harkenon
Fire-lizard(s) Unnamed bronze
First appearance Dragonsdawn

Beast BlankHold Fort Shield

Pol Nietro was the head zoologist of the original Pern colony. He came from First Centauri.


After Pol and Bay Harkenon discovered that Sean Connell had Impressed a fire lizard, Pol and Bay carried out the initial evaluation of the fire lizards/dragonets' capabilities.

Pol suggested a trade of any dead dragonet eggs that Sean could find for a horse just like the gray horse named Cricket that Sean had owned before coming to Pern. When Sean agreed, Pol organized a expedition to find the lizard eggs. Both Pol and Bay eventually impressed their own fire lizards.

After Bay's gold fire lizard Mariah flew Pol's bronze in Mariah's first mating flight, Pol and Bay decided to take quarters together. They then asked and got permission from Kitty Ping to try Mentasynth enchantment on the clutch of eggs that Mariah laid after the mating flight.

Creating the Dragons / Dragon Program

Pol and Bay worked alongside Kitti to develop the genetic programming that created the dragons.

During the Second Crossing

After dragonrider Marco Galliani and his brown dragon Duluth accidentally went between and never returned, Sean, Pol and Bay decided to try to figure out how long it took to fly between Landing and another location. First, a priority message was placed to Sorka Hanrahan's brother Brian at the new Fort Hold. Then, since the dragons had not yet learned how to intentionally fly between, Sorka sent her bronze fire lizard Duke to Brian, then asked Brian to send Duke back to Landing. They discovered that it took only eight seconds for Duke to travel in one direction, which was later determined to be the same time frame for a dragon to travel between locations.

Fort Hold

Pol died in the 16th year of the First Pass, also known as the Fever Year.


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