Plasticcraft is one of the more recently established autonymous crafts on Pern. The location of the Major crafthall is unknown.


A detailed description of the Craft on the basis of the The Dragonlover's Guide to Pern

Master Hamian, who was made a mastersmith in the eleventh Turn of the Ninth Pass, became interested in the lightweight beams and supporis that he found in ancient mines and stakeholds throughout the south. Quizzing Aivas led him to learn to make this fabulous new substance — plastic. The plastic-crafthall is a sub-branch of the Smithcrafthall; the plastic-craftsmen are generalists in making an using all forms of plastic.

One of the first usres of the new plastic was to build new wharves in and reinforce the piers of Tillek harbor.

Positions and responsibilities

  • Plastic-smith — the general name of specialists.


First Pass / First Interval

One of the first things, they did after Landing was started was to start making carbon Based Plastic, which Pol Nietro, noted that Thread has effected the first building they put up, but not the silica based ones that were put up later.

The ships that were brought to Pern where made of silica plastic, in number parts, like Jim Tillek's Southern Cross as an example, during the Second Crossing, the fire lizards protected the deck of his ship that had imported teak wood as part of his weight allows as captain, Thread would melt and gorge thinner plastic.

  • Craftsmaster: Unknown.

First Interval — Sixth Pass

Information on plastics and its production were lost.

Eighth Interval / Ninth Pass

  • Craftsmaster: Possibly Hamian.

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