Masterharper Robinton once stated that Plague decimated "Hold, Hall and Weyr" on three separate occasions, but it is not known to which plagues he was referring.

Fever Year (First Pass)

Featured in: Chronicles of Pern: First Fall & Dragonsblood.

The Fever Year took place in Fort Hold during the First Pass. It spread rapidly due to the overcrowding in the hold. Many children were orphaned.


Fire lizard illness (First Pass/First Interval)

Featured in: Chronicles of Pern: First Fall & Red Star Rising/Dragonseye.

The Plague (Second Interval)

Featured in: Dragon Harper after effects Sky Dragons

The Plague in the Second Interval spread across all of Pern. The dragonriders had to keep themselves apart from the Holds and Halls so their weyrfolk would not catch the Plague. The dragonriders did provide food and supplies by air drop.


Dragon Plague (Second Interval/Third Pass)

Featured in: Dragonsblood, Dragonheart & Dragongirl.

The Dragon Plague occurred at the end of the Second Interval into the Third Pass. Lorana found the cure with the help of scientists from the First Pass, including Wind Blossom.


Flu Pandemic (Sixth Pass)

Featured in: Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern & Nerilka's Story.

The Flu Pandemic in the Sixth Pass was carried by a feline from the Southern Continent. Curiosity about the feline, combined with two major gathers on the same day, led to the spread of the flu.


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