Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Weyr Healer
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Healer Hall
Monaco Bay Weyr
First appearance Dolphins of Pern

Healer Monaco Bay Weyr Shield

Persellan was a weyr healer for Monaco Bay Weyr in the Ninth Pass.


Born in Southern Boll Hold trained at the Healer Hall, by the time we meet him, he is surprised that the dolphins could tell Mirrim was caring a baby, so soon, he tested by bring women in different states to be tested.

He also had lot of problems with M'sur who did know about a puncture from a thorn till he saw the lines of blood poison. He was impressed by them when they 'saw' a broken bone that mend wrong, and another thorn infection on a weyr child

Later on he is called on to sew up a long gash on a young calf, after seeing how well sea water heal it, he asked about more information and had a book print from flies from AIVAS, was later on used and destroyed by being in salt water, that T'lion and Readis used to fixed calves that were injured both just born in the last few turns, after the hurricane that hit the area. He check on then, after the hurricane hit the Southern Coastline, and did forgive T'lion for borrowing, for the knowledge saved them.

Tai helped out, and he did nice repair job after the Abominators broken into Landing Healer Hall.


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