Vital statistics
Title Harper
Gender Male
Rank Jouneyman
Era Eighth Interval
Ninth Pass
Affiliation Harper Hall
First appearance The Renegades of Pern
Notable appearance The Renegades of Pern



We first meet him, just before the start of the Pass, when he takes his leave of Lord Holder Vincet of Nerat Hold. He spend two turns there, longest he has stayed at a Major Hold. He had painted his second daughter Anama during this time.

He was asked to looking into the problem with the holdless raiders, long before the Lord Holder could ask for his master for help, when Jayge finds a roll of papers addressed to Lord Asgenar; pictures of Thella and her men. Jayge removes Readis's image from the roll before giving it to the Far Cry Holder.

It was the painting he made of Anama, that was used to confirm his status and who he was.

Later on it was his watercolor of the mound that the Met Towers, they found first the maps, and later the AIVAS also that Jayge and the founding of Paradise River Hold.


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