Although not universal, conventions in naming have developed over the course of Pern's 2000-year history.

General Conventions

One popularly followed tradition across Pern is that of combining both parents' names into the single name of the child. Several prominent examples of this are Felessan, son of Lessa and F'lar, himself born Fallarnon to Larna and F'lon, born Falloner.

Although not strictly upheld and far from universal, this convention is fairly widespread and can be seen dating back several centuries.


Upon the occasion of their Impression, the names of new male dragonriders are modified further, traditionally contracting the name to the first letter of the given name, followed by an apostrophe taking the place of the second letter (typically a vowel), and some form of the remainder of the given name. This name can be maintained in nearly complete form, as in the case of F'lessan, or shortened significantly, as in the case of F'lar. Female dragonriders, even those impressing non-golds, do not seem to follow this convention.

This tradition first appeared within the earliest generation of dragonriders, when some names began to be contracted within the tense environment of Threadfall.


Riders who have survived the loss of their dragon are also stripped of this marker and revert to a more typical naming format, as in the case of Lytol, although not necessarily their full original given name: Lytol was born Lytonal.

Lord Holder Jaxom of Ruatha Hold did not change his name after Impressing his dragon, Ruth, because it was decided that he would remain Lord Holder rather becoming than a full dragonrider.

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