All articles about Weyrs must contain the template {{Infobox show weyr}} at the beginning of the article and the template {{Navbox weyr}} at the end. All the contents of the article should be placed between the two templates (not before and not after them).

The text should begin with a brief description of the Weyr — its name, location and Major Holds under protection.

Next, the article should have the following sections:

== Description ==

It includes a detailed description of the Hold, established, the surrounding countryside, the economy and the other (on the basis of the DLG)

== Protected Territories ==

The area that protects the Weyr. Can differ from the Protected Holds and cover other territories.

== History ==

Features Weyr a specific historical period, including for each period list of Weyrleader and Weyrwoman, as well as a list of known dragonriders and staff. Example:

=== First Pass / First Interval ===

Here an example of filling of Benden Weyr.

== Additional Information ==

If there is:

External Links (bloodlines)

At the end of the article the following categories is added:

  • All Weyrs
  • Northern / Southern / Far Western Continent places
  • Name Weyr (Fort Weyr, Benden Weyr etc.)

Do not forget to mention Interwiki link to articles Weyrs on ru-wikia in the format [[ru:Название статьи]].

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