All articles about books must contain the template {{Infobox show book}} at the beginning of the article and the template {{Navbox book}} at the end. All the contents of the article should be placed between the two templates (not before and not after them).

Articles about books

The text should begin with a brief description of the book — its name, authors, type of work (novel / short story‎/ anthology / accompanying / game / other), the date of the first published, the names of the first publishers.

Next, the article should have the following sections (mandatory for novels, in the case of other types the sections may vary):

== Synopsis ==

Brief description of the plot of the book. One or two paragraphs.

== Plot summary ==

Full description of the plot of the book. If possible, it should be hidden using {{Spoiler-begin}} and {{Spoiler-end}}.

== Cover gallery ==

An optional section. When adding images of covers to the gallery, it is necessary to indicate the year of publication, publisher and the cover artist.

== Notes ==

For external links and references.

At the end of the article the following categories is added:

  • Media franchise
  • Type: Novels / Short Stories‎ ‎/ Anthologies‎ / Accompanying / Games

Do not forget to mention Interwiki link to articles books on ru-wikia (there are written articles on all books) in the format [[ru:Название статьи]].

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