The Pern Charter was the document that laid out the rights of each Pernese citizen.

Background and History

The Charter of the Pern Colony contains the signed names of the original 6000 Pern colonists. both Charter Members and the contracted specialists were needed to round out the expedition. One of members Cabot Francis Carter guild produced it. They also took the Nomads groups with them.

The laws governing the relationship between Crafthalls, Holds and Weyrs are also addressed in the Charter. The document has been added to and adjusted since the beginning of Threadfall and the move north during the Second Crossing.

Bitran exodus<when a Lord Holder, breaks several things that are in the [Charter as part of holder rights[1]

Holder Rights

  • Movement between places, which is an unnamed one
  • Able to meet in groups
  • Ask for mediation (and informs how to exercise that right) to appeal for mediation for crippling tithes claim Charter acreage
  • How to claim Charter acreage

The Original One

Re-discovered in the Ninth Pass in a locked container in Fort Hold, the Pern Charter is considered the most valuable and venerable document in Pern.

The search for the Charter began in the Ninth Pass after AIVAS, an artificial intelligence, informed the residents what to look for. He told them to look among the ancient objects scattered in Fort Hold, the first human settlement in the Northern Continent. The box containing the Charter was found locked with a digital combination lock. Fortunately, AIVAS knew the combination. Lord Groghe, the current Lord Holder of Fort Hold, generously donated the Charter to Landing, the site of the first human settlement on Pern. The Charter is enshrined in a case of Master Glass-smith Morilton's clear thick panes, mounted on a mechanism (of AIVAS' design) which turns the pages as needed. Master Woodsmith Benelek remarked that the plastic coated pages are so durable that nothing short of sharp chopping blades can damage them.

On the 1st day of the the 31st Turn of the 9th Pass (2553 Turns after the landing of the colonists) Golanth's rider, F'lessan, used the Charter to confirm that Stev Kimmer was a resident of Honshu by comparing Stev's carved initials at Honshu with his signature in the Charter. (Skies of Pern)



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