Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Apprentice
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Harper Hall
Fire Hold
Spouse Halla
Parent(s) Adopted Zist and Cayla
Siblings Adopted Carissa
Children Jepara
Fire-lizard(s) Brown Chitter
First appearance Dragon's Fire
Notable appearance Dragon's Fire

Harper Miner BlankHold

Pellar was a journeyman harper during the Second Interval.


Born mute, he was abandoned by his biological parents as a baby and adopted by Zist and Cayla. When he was three, he was assessed by Mikal, who confirmed that he was mute and offered to teach Pellar his healing knowledge and woodcraft. His name was the first word Carissa said; she and Cayla both died of a fever after contacting the Shunned. Pellar stayed by Zist's side after the death of his wife and daughter, and he continued to be taught woodcraft, tracking, and the use of crystals in healing by Mikal.

He went along with Zist to Camp Natalon, but left before they arrived, to hide and keep watch for the Shunned. When Kindan was chosen to bond a watch-wher, Pellar was sent to make contact with Aleesa and negotiate for the watch-wher egg. He eventually succeeded in gaining her trust and stayed in the watch-wher camp until all of the eggs had hatched.

After being attacked by Tenim, Pellar fell into the river, breaking several bones, while his fire lizard was killed trying to protect him. With the knowledge he learned from Mikal, he managed to survive, but he had lost his memories. He was spotted by one of D'gan's sweep riders and brought to the new firestone camp run by Tarik, who put him to work as a record-keeper. After the mine exploded, his memories returned and he was able to talk to Hurth and D'vin, who sent aid.

Owner of brown fire lizard Chitter, who was killed protecting him from Grief

Personality and traits

Very quiet, good with woodcraft, and hardworking. Since he couldn't speak, he wrote using a slate and chalk.


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