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Paradise River Hold is one of the Minor Holds in the Southern Continent. Monaco Bay Weyr fights Threadfall over Paradise River Hold.


Minor Holds and Crafthalls

Paradise River Hold is also home to the Dolphincrafthall, and at least one minor hold.


Before First Pass / First Pass

It is a Stake in the Southern Continent that was originally a settlement of the original colonists, it did a lot of fishing and had dolphins and their dolphineeer working the seas around the area. It was a stopover place during the, Second Crossing,  were non-urgent supplies were stored, and

Ninth Pass

Found and re-inhabited by Aramina & Jayge Lilcamp after their ship, officially destined to arrive at Southern Hold, capsized in a fierce storm. They were rescued by «shipfish» (dolphins) and found the remains of an ancient settlement at the mouth of a river. They managed to survive and hold their own and when Harper Piemur found them while exploring, he officially told Master Robinton of their situation and helped them become official in their holding. It was renamed to Paradise River Hold after finding the name on several artifacts during exploration of the settlement. Once conferred they asked several of their family and kin to come, and Alemi came and build a small fishing hold on the cost.


The colors of the hold shield are likely inspired by Ruatha Hold's shield, as Aramina's family originated there and her mother Barla was a cousin of Lord Holder Kale.

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