Background and History

Its was part of the Pern Charter, to take many of the nomads groups with them Irish Traveling Group, that didn’t take to any of the programs that the Federated Sentient Planets had, they were not welcome on Earth

The nomads were organized in clans and because of their preferred lifestyle they were on the top of the list of people who were going to receive the first horses bred on Pern. For a short number of years they indeed lived a traveling life with their horse drawn wagons and carts. After the start of Threadfall the clans settled in cave systems until they, too, had to «move north to shield».

After the start of Threadfall the clans settled in cave systems, after listing to the fire lizards, that were too small to hold all there horses, and Porrig Connell, had to slit the neck of his Stallion, when four were killed. He expected to use Cricket, to serve the rest of his mares, for he didn't train the young stallion he had. Sean was unhappy about this, he did send his wife and oldest daughter to aid at Landing, while he stay at the cave system he found. He also let other stay there too. Sean and Sorka sledded in baled food for the ones that remand.

Many have to make the rounds in their craft or transporting stuff, like Jayge Lilcamp did for the MasterHerder.


First Pass

First Interval/Second Pass

  • Jol: Trader
  • Benden Trading Group: mentioned by Iantine for the boiled sweets, the fruity kind that were common in Nerat 

Second Interval / Third Pass

Eight Interval / Ninth Pass


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