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When she hatched at Ista Weyr she waited for Moreta to come from her hold in Keroon Hold, a late arrival who was «told to dress and shoved onto the hatching ground before she knew what was happening» the young hatchling was understanding.


Under Weyr Healer Ind, she learned to help her rider.

Transfer to Fort

10 turns before becoming Fort Weyr's senior queen, she used her agility to let young Moreta save Lord Leef's young trees.

Senior Queen

She became the senior queen at Fort Weyr, when Holth didn't rise to mate. She is able to help Moreta with diagnosing problems with dragons and runners, and supporting her ill rider with the flu. Lerri used to keep the other dragonriders' dragons calm while they were ill.

To Moreta, her mind voice is not as deep and rich and tired with turns as Holth's. She is eager and young, and says Holth is a great dragon.

Personality and traits

She and her rider work together and with Holth to help control the pain of dragons. She was able to tell her rider of the sick runner at the Ruatha Gather. He support of her ill rider, was what Lerri used keep other dragons keep their riders alive. She and her rider, disciplined a blue wyerling,T'ragel and his blue Keranth for come out between with the rockface a scant few feet away from his wingtips

She thought that watch-whers were simple minded and didn't like to touch their minds but continue to try and find any information about illness in the Holds.


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