The Rukbat Oort Cloud was a nebulous asteroid belt in the Sagittarian sector, and the 5th of its kind ever discovered. The one in the Rukbat system also contained the voracious organism known as Thread. Particles of this cloud, including Thread, were dragged by the Red Star when it passed through it every 250 years.

From Terran astronomical sciences, an Oort Cloud is a spherical or disc shaped area located around a planetary system. Named after the Terran Dutch astronomer Jan Hendrick Oort, an Oort Cloud is composed of objects that are made of various ices such as methane, ethane, hydrogen, etc. It is also possible that other matter lies within this region.

Oort Clouds are thought to be remnants of an original “protoplanetary disc” that can be created during the formation of a sun. Over time, the disc breaks up and forms individual planets and the Oort Cloud is what remains of the original material.