Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Master Harper
Craftmaster Drums
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Harper Hall
First appearance Dragondrums
Notable appearance Dragondrums


Olodkey was a Master Harper in charge of the Drumheights in the Ninth Pass.


Olodkey resided at the Harper Hall, where he was the Drum Master. He had four apprentices and five journeymen, of which Rokayas and Dirzan were two. After Piemur's voice broke, Olodkey would be consulted by MasterHarper Robinton. Piemur was to become Robinton's secret apprentice, while Olodkey would be Piemur's master in public. Though Piemur proved to be quick at learning drum codes, he would be removed from Olodkey's supervision when the bullying of other apprentices caused Piemur to sustain a concussion.

Personality and traits

Olodkey was stated to be a lean, slightly stooped man with a large head; irreverent people sometimes compared his appearance to a bass drumstick. It was commonly believed that he was deaf from years of pounding drums, and that he could interpret drumbeats by vibrations, though this was not confirmed. Olodkey was rarely around the Hall, and was known to keep to the Drum Heights.


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