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Nuelsk, previously known as Kisk, was a green watch-wher who was bonded first to Kindan as Kisk, then later to Nuella as Nuelsk.


Kindan was offered the chance to receive a wher egg from Aleesa, in trade for a year's worth of coal to heat the wherhold. However, due to dragonrider delay, Kindan nearly missed his chance to make good on the trade. The dragonrider was able to make the deadline only by timing it.

After Kindan entered Aleesk's den and provided acceptable responses to the queen wher, she allowed Kindan to choose one of the available eggs. He decided to choose the egg that had a distinct ring on one end, raised above the rest of the shell, like a necklace.

With Nuella's help, Kisk helped rescue trapped miners at Camp Natalon. Then, after Kisk was bonded to Nuella, she told Nuella that her new name was Nuelsk. Nuelsk later died from a tunnel-snake bite after rescuing Nuella from a cave-in.

Appearance and personality

Kisk/Nuelsk loved to play hide and seek.


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