Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Lady Holder
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Crom Hold
Parent(s) Fenner
Siblings Fenril
First appearance Dragon's Fire

Crom Shield

Nerra was the daughter of Lord Holder Fenner of Crom Hold late in the Second Interval and early in the Third Pass


Since Nerra had been trained by her father to take over the hold, Nerra took care of her father after the flu pandemic. Unfortunately, Nerra's brother Fenril took control of the hold.

Two years after the last flu death, Xhinna and Jirana visited Crom Hold while Searching for candidates for Sky Weyr. When Xhinna explained to Nerra that green dragons that had been brought back in time to grow and train were beginning to clutch - because they had not been fed firestone - Nerra asked how she could help. Xhinna suggested that the first step would be for Nerra to take control of Crom Hold. Xhinna told Nerra's guard Jefric that weapons would not be necessary because the power of Nerra's words alone would win victory.

At nightfall, Xhinna mounted Tazith then loaded Nerra and Jefric. After they were airborne, Xhinna instructed Tazith to fly to Crom Hold then land in the courtyard. After he landed, Tazith let out a huge bellow, startling and alerting everyone in the courtyard. Using only her words, Nerra convinced the guards to open the gates.

After entering the Great Hall, Nerra had Fenril — who had been found to be «entertaining» in the drudges quarters — imprisoned for treason. Nerra then began issuing orders to restore Crom Hold, the first of which were to make sure that the holders were fed and treated for their wounds. Jefric quickly organized a group of men to move the most sick to Tazith who, with Xhinna riding and eyeing her charges carefully, flew back to the courtyard. When all of the holders had been taken care of, Xhinna - with the aid Storemaster Pinnor and man-at-arms Tormic - approached the minor holds and cotholds to learn their needs. Even though the first four holds were found to be barren and lifeless, Keogh Hold was thriving; but, the holders there greeted the blue dragon warily. When asked what they needed, they said that they were in dire need of land and seed for planting. After suggesting that Keogh use some of the land from the barren holds and promising to provide seed, they continued on to Campbell's Field Hold, which they found to be just as inhabited and bountiful as Keogh.

After the holders had been taken care of and Nerra had helped Xhinna find 4 female candidates - Alimma, Danirry, Cliova and Mirressa - Xhinna, Jirana and the candidates flew to Sky Weyr.

Personality and Traits

Nerra was a caring, very understanding, hard working Lady Holder. She took care of the people who were beholden to her, and kept silent on how she re-claimed her birthright.


Additional Information

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