Vital statistics
Gender Female
Rank Lady Holder
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Crom Hold
Parent(s) Fenner
Siblings Fenril
First appearance Dragon's Fire

Crom Shield

Nerra is very understanding, she was trained by her father Lord Fenner to take Crom Hold.


When we first meet her she bring to Halla a basket containing rolls, butter and dried fruit to eat, and show her were the bathing room was., she watches the children while Halla washes. Then wearing one her old dresses is brought before Lord Fenner to answer for the charges laid against her, and he formally absolves her, and informs her the children will be taken into his care as fosterlings. He take Halla to lunch, before asking her to help him seek out more Shunned — like Zist and Murenny, he is attempting to make contact — which she agrees to do.

After the Plague she take care of her folks, and with Xhinna and her blue That night, Tazith carries Nerra into the Hold courtyard, where she convinces the guards on duty to open the gates. Entering the Great Hall, Nerra has Fenril — «entertaining» in the drudges quarters — imprisoned for treason and begins making orders to restore Crom Hold; getting Xhinna to help ferry the undernourished into Crom Hold proper. The next day, Nerra gets Xhinna — with the aid Storemaster Pinnor and Tormic; a man-at-arms — to approach the minor holds and cotholds and determine what their needs are. They do this; finding the first four holds barren, but Keogh Hold alive; and fearing tithes from Telgar Weyr. After reassuring them, they continue on to Campbell's Field Hold, which they find is much the same.

Personality and Traits

She is a caring, hard working Lady Holder. She take care of the people that are beholden to her, and keep silent on how she got help to re-clam her birthright.


Additional Information

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