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Nemorth was the Senior Queen of Benden Weyr, during the latter portions of the Eighth Interval. She impressed Jora, a Weyrwoman famed for her incompetence, which Nemorth mirrored.


Nemorth hatched from a clutch laid by Feyrith, the only queen of Benden Weyr. At the time of her hatching, she impressed Jora. The reasoning behind Nemorth choosing Jora was often speculated, as Jora was notably afraid of heights. Nemorth was often allowed by Jora to gorge herself so she wasn't considered notably healthy or robust for a dragon queen. Nemorth would become the only living queen after Feyrith went between following the death of her rider. Nemorth's first mating flight took place much later than expected, and her clutches were small by dragon standards with the average for Nemorth being a scarce dozen. This was attributed to Jora's poor management and personal phobias inhibiting her queen. Many years later, F'lar would note that Nemorth should have been rising to mate more often due to the impending Pass. However, Nemorth's lack of production would result in Benden Weyr being critically under-strength by the time of the Ninth Pass.

Nemorth's time as senior queen would be cut short by Jora's sudden death. Nemorth, however, was tied to her recently laid clutch, from a mating flight with R'gul's Hath. Fortunately for dragonkind, this clutch would contain the only queen egg she ever produced, from which Ramoth would eventually hatch. At the time Lessa was brought to the clutch for Impression, Nemorth was already dead or dying as Lessa noticed the golden bulk of their deceased mother at the time of the hatching.

It is not known what happened to Nemorth after this; whether she managed to go between or not — Anne McCaffrey later revealed in an interview that she had «forgotten about Nemorth». If she died on the Hatching Grounds, it can be assumed that her body was interred between by thedragons, similar to how eggs that fail to hatch are taken between. According to this source, Anne McCaffrey later confirmed this theory.

Personality and traits

Nemorth was noted to mirror her rider's incompetence. She was difficult to control and had a tendency to gorge, especially before mating flights. Despite the fact that queens often lay more and larger clutches closer to a pass, Nemorth rarely rose to mate and usually laid on average a dozen eggs.


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