The Nathi War was a large-scale interstellar conflict between the Federated Sentient Planets and the Nathi, an aggressive space-faring species. Millions of people were killed in this war, and entire colonies eliminated. The war culminated in the Battle of the Purple Sector in which the FSP fleet under Admiral Paul Benden managed to achieve victory, bringing the war to an end.

At the meeting at Landing, led by Cabot Francis Carter, about sending the homing capsule and the Federated Sentient Planets and Earth send aid, it would take five years to reach and more then ten to respond, it took fifty years make there mind up about one its members

Many of the colonists on the Pern expedition were veterans of the Nathi War, and used their experience as fighter pilots to assist in the colony's defense against Thread.

History Wise

Ross Benden, recalled his uncle service record, his strategy were discussed in Tactics were at the FSP Fleet Academy, along with a documentary about Cygnus during his first year.