Vital statistics
Title Lady Holder
Gender Female
Rank Lady Holder
Era First Interval
Affiliation Bitra Hold
Spouse Chalkin
Parent(s) Brenton
Siblings Franco
Children Chaldon, Luccha, Lonada, Briskin
First appearance Dragonseye/Red Star Rising

Bitra Shield

Nadona was the Lady Holder of Bitra Hold at the end of the First Interval. Her spouse was Lord Holder Chalkin and her brother was Lord Holder Franco of Nerat Hold.


Nadona and Chalkin had four children: Chaldon, Briskin, Luccha and Lonada.

After Chalkin was impeached and then exiled for failing in his duties as Lord Holder, Nadona chose not to accompany him, staying at Bitra with her children.


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