N'ton and Tris
From "People of Pern" © 1988 Robin Wood. Used with Permission.
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Weyrleader
Dragon bronze Lioth
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Nabol Hold
Benden Weyr
Fort Weyr
Fire-lizard(s) brown Tris
First appearance Dragonflight

Nabol Shield Benden Weyr Shield Fort Weyr Shield

N'ton was a dragonrider and Weyrleader during the Ninth Pass. His dragon was bronze Lioth.


Naton was the son of a tanner from Nabol Hold, and was brought to Benden Weyr, on one of F'lar's first Searches. At the hatching of Ramoth's first clutch, Naton impressed a bronze hatchling, Lioth, and shortened his name to the honorific N'ton. N'ton and Lioth were later sent backwards ten turns to mature so that the drastically understrength Weyr could have time to repopulate. Even as a weyrling, N'ton's potential as a rider was noticed.

N'ton eventually returned to the present, and became a respected wingleader of Benden Weyr. After the Oldtimers were banished to the Southern Continent, F'lar would send N'ton to Fort Weyr as a wingleader under acting Weyrleader P'zar. After F'lar became sick due to going between while injured, N'ton was chosen by Lessa to assist in a secret project involving Grubs. F'lar would approve of the measure, having had a glimpse of his mortality due to his illness. N'ton would later theorize that the grubs were developed as ground crews to fight Thread. He would use his father's rules in tanning leather as a comparison, stating that such traditions usually had important reasons behind them. When the next Fort Weyr queen rose to mate, Lioth caught her, making N'ton the new Weyrleader.

As Weyrleader, N'ton formed a friendly relationship with Lord Jaxom of Ruatha, and assisted the young Lord Holder in the raising and training of his dragon Ruth. N'ton, like all the Weyrleaders, became very involved with AIVAS's project to end Thread. He would eventually lead one group of riders in placing an antimatter engine on the Red Star, which would later push the Red Star into another orbit.

Some years later, after an Abominators attack on the Printercraft, N'ton was summoned to Wide Bay Hold in response to a call for assistance. He, Jaxom, Pinch, and Tagetarl would oversee a trial of the conspirators, and sentence them to exile. N'ton would later lead a wing of riders in escorting the exiled to an unknown island.

Appearance and Personality

N'ton is referenced in several books as «the epitome of dragonriders», with broad shoulders, an easy manner, and slightly curly hair.


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