Moreta's Ride is a collection of the 2 novels of the Dragonriders of Pern series written by Anne McCaffrey. It was first published by Science Fiction Book Club in April 2005.



Moreta, the business-like Weyrwoman of Fort Weyr, is unusually happy this fine spring day. Her queen dragon, Orlith, will clutch soon; the Gather at Ruatha Hold is extremely merry; and she's enjoying the attentions of Alessan, Ruath's charming new Lord Holder. Even though she and her dragon riders must soon risk their lives fighting the recurrent menace from space called Thread, all seems well on Pern. Then, during a race, a runnerbeast collapses with a mysterious ailment and dies. Soon other animals are dying, and the awful epidemic spreads, striking holders, craftsmen and, worst of all, dragon riders. With Threadfall looming closer, Pern is in mortal danger, for, if dragon riders do not rise to char the parasite, it will devour all organic life it encounters. Moreta and the other Pernese leaders must find a way to stop the plague — or it could spell destruction as surely as the worst Threadfall…

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