Telgar Weyr Shield

Morath was a green dragon. Her rider was Debera.


She was hatching just as her rider-to-be came running in. In Telgar Weyr the Hatching of the clutch was one from the senior queen Meranath, she Impress to Debera. Debera's father and fiancé react badly to Morath choosing her and attempt to take Debera away. This alarms the hatchling, who attacks Debera's father before the dragonriders, she speak so loud that every dragonrider can hear her cries.

«He would hurt you. He would own you. You are mine and I am yours and none come between us»
— HC Dragonseye US editon pg 67
— says Morath can calm things down. Afterwards, it is discovered that Debera was Searched for the Hatching, but her father — «a known troublemaker» — attempted to keep her from attending so he could marry her off in return for a mining grant. Upon discovering this, she had ridden to the Weyr, arriving just as the Hatching began.

She was looking at Iantine's sketch book, she has contralto voice, Iantine ask was she saw

«Yes, Shapes. You put the shapes on the pad with the thing in your hand?»
«Yes I do.»
— HC Dragonseye US editon pg 283

Appearance, Personality and Traits

She is the largest of her color from the clutch, the Wyerleader K'vin were thinking if she keep growing at this she be read to test her wings by late spring. Morath would react to any paying a lot of attention to her, she would speak to Ian, she was willing to let him and her build an understand, at the Turn Over's event at Telgar Weyr before he when to Benden Hold. She had been lacking in love after her mother died.


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