Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Harper
Era Second Interval
Affiliation Harper Hall
Aleesa's Wherhold
Fire Hold
First appearance Dragon's Fire

Harper Scribe BlankHold

Moran was a journeyman harper during the Second Interval. His master was Zist.


Moran, Zist, and MasterHarper Murenny were concerned about the Shunned prior to the beginning of the Third Pass. Moran was sent out to contact them, but he never reported back to the Harper Hall.

While trying to contact the Shunned, Moran often picked up orphaned, homeless children. He did what he could to provide for them, including stealing and gambling. One of the children, Halla, helped him take care of the other ones. Another one, Tenim, was a vicious teenager who didn't hesitate to kill; Moran was afraid of him.

Unfortunately, Moran often spent what little money they could get on alcohol and women; his guilt in doing this kept him from reporting to the Harper Hall for years.

While at Aleesa's Wherhold, he tried to cure Aleesa of a fever but he needed supplies. While out looking for feverfew, he was taken by dragonrider K'lur to Crom Hold to be judged by Lord Holder Fenner. While there he learned that many of the children from his group had been taken in by Fenner.

When Pellar and Halla set up Fire Hold, Moran became their harper.


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