Minecrafthall at Crom Hold is a Major hall for Minecraft.

Major Hall

Description of the Major Hall, including lists of famous Masters, Journeyman and apprentices of craft.

Minor Halls

Telgar Hold — was the main mining Hold until the founding of Crom Hold. Has extensive mines.

Ista Hold — famous for the extraction of precious stones.

Karachi Camp — the main mining stake of the colonists. It was restored in the Ninth Pass.

Camp Natalon — big mining town.

Firestone Mine — common name for several small mines. Here were engaged in the extraction of an explosive Firestone.

Fire Hold — the first mine for the extraction of a safe Firestone.

Miner's Hold — the mine, whose name is not known, was founded by Boris and Ganmar.

Greystones Hold — here are engaged in the extraction of granite.

Crom Mine 23 — Shankolin was serving his sentence here. This mine was damaged by a meteorite.

Other known crafters

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