Mentasynth is a form of advanced bio-engineering developed by the Eridanis. The Mentasynth process results in enhanced mental abilities of certain animals resulting in increased intelligence and empathy. The abilities that result from Mentasynth are genetically transmitted. It is thus passed on to any offspring and will not fade with intervening generations.

Mentasynth Enhanced Creatures

  • Fire lizards
  • Dragons
  • Watch-wher
  • Dolphins - Mentasynth-enhanced dolphins were introduced to Pern by the colonists. The enhancement gave the dolphins the ability to talk to humans. The immigrants were all volunteers, and themselves descendants of the original pods that agreed to be enhanced.
  • Felines - Mentasynth enhancement does not work well on felines; large cats go rapidly feral, and the procedure was strongly not recommended.
  • Canines (dogs) were not given it, for they were known to have problems with it.
  • Humans - They were first mistrusted but they became good healers and descendants came to Pern.
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