Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Master Harper
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Harper Hall
First appearance The Skies of Pern


Mekelroy, commonly known as Pinch, was a Master Harper in the Ninth Pass. He played an important role in tracking down and neutralizing the Abominators after their revival.


Mekelroy is a Master in the Harper Hall. He often works as a spy, and is known as Pinch by those aware of his role. He is well known to several Runner Station Masters. Pinch was the first to recognize the revival of the Abominators, after noticing a pattern to a series of raids and attacks. He began tracking the leaders, and was able to sketch portraits of the most important figures. He would eventually learn to background of the leader, Fifth, who had previously been a leader of a raid on AIVAS. Discussing the matter with Masterharper Sebell, Pinch would begin more detailed investigations. In addition, during the Fireball Flood, Pinch would work to help thwart Abominator rumors that AIVAS was the cause.

Later on, Runners warn the Harper Hall that the Printer Hall is to be the target of an Abominator attack. Pinch would warn Masterprinter Tagetarl of the threat, and organize the response. Making use of several youths, he would paint the vulnerable parts of the hall with a fire-retardant paint supplied by Piemur, and make use of nets stuffed in barrels to capture the Abominators in the act. Upon capturing the raiders in the act, he summoned Lord Jaxom and Weyrleader N'ton to the Printer Hall, where he is witness to the subsequent trial. After that hearing, he told Lord Jaxom that he had been following Dorse, one of the conspirators for a while.

Pinch would later travel to the Southern Continent to observe Toric, who had been in contact with Fifth. After the Abominator leader was killed by AIVAS's self-defense units, Pinch would be asked to confirm the identity. He would later see Fourth, the other major leader, in Toric's presents, and hoped that she could be neutralized.

Personality and Traits

Pinch is noted for his talent in blending in with all types of people, making him an excellent spy. He had a talent for drawing, and was known to be left handed. Through his travels, he is familiar with troublemakers in Keroon, Igen, and Bitra. He is an excellent planner, having put together an effective defense of the Printer Hall on short notice. He has impressed a gold fire lizard, Bista.


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