Vital statistics
Gender Female
Era Ninth Pass
Affiliation Half-Circle Sea Hold
Spouse Yanus
Children Menolly
5 unnamed siblings
First appearance Dragonsong
Notable appearance Dragonsong

Half Circle

Lady Sea Holder of Half-Circle Sea Hold, spouse of Yanus Sea Holder. Yanus and Mavi had eight children: six sons (of which Alemi was the third) and two daughters (Sella and Menolly).


The most positive thing to be said about Mavi and her husband Yanus is that they mean well. They contrive and thrive in a dangerous occupation that leaves little scope for the mistakes to which man, and woman, are heirs. In fact, they do not understand «mistake», since they clearly know that one does one's duty by Hold and Weyr and a good meal and a secure place to rest should follow such adherence. They believe in hard work for idle hands, making do or doing without, and in no quarter given or taken. They have neither humour nor insight, and how they produced a legendary musical talent and sensitive personality like Menolly would have mystified them if they had had an ounce of curiosity in their make-up. They hold on to tradition in the most strict way and will not deviate from it even to save their lives. In the end they mean well and do their duty.


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