Master was a rank in the crafthalls. Masters of a craft were considered experts in their field.


Though certain specifics differed by Craft, Masters shared several characteristics. Mastery was not a required rank for a craftsman, as a journeyman could practice independently. However, a Master had undergone additional study in their craft, and gained a certain amount of experience. Achieving a Mastery typically involved some sort of advanced testing. Masters of a craft were marked by rank stones, gemstone decorations which varied based on craft. For example, sapphires were a mark of a Master in the Harpercraft. Masters were also responsible for passing on craft knowledge through the teaching of apprentices. The overall leader of a craft, the craftmaster, was elected or chosen from among a craft's Masters.

Masters often inhabited regional crafthalls, serving a Hold. They oversaw a number of journeymen, and apprentices, depending on the size of the Hold. In the event that a Hold disregarded rules, a common punishment was for a craft to withdraw its masters, leaving only local apprentices and journeymen.

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