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Mariah was a gold fire lizard.


She is the first born of the clutch that Sorka Hanrahan, found from a gold's nest. She Impress Bay Harkenon who later was flown by a bronze that Pol Nietro impressed. They got permission to Mentasynth on the eggs of that clutch. There was no effect on her or on the tunnel snakes that were used to add the compound.

When Mary Tubberman called about lose beast at their home stake of Calusa, she wasn't turned away, Bay told her 'Find the readhead' showing her an image of Sorka Hanrahan and Faranth, she came quickly and shortly the two dragons and their riders came. When Bay mounted Faranth, she gave a sound of protest, but she and the other fire lizard did scout, and Faranth reaction to this by growing, that her human could feel under her body.

When they were timing the fire lizards going between and Duke going from their to Fort and back. She and Blazer let the augmentation fairs of fire lizards Sean noted that the blue and greens were back among the golds, bronzes, and browns.


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