Marco Gallani
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Colonist
Dragon Brown Duluth
Era Before Landing
First Pass
Affiliation Roma Stake
Parent(s) Caesar Galliani
First appearance Dragonsdawn


Marco Galliani was one of the original eighteen dragonriders of Pern. His dragon was brown Duluth.


The success of Kitti Ping's genetic engineering program to create dragons from fire lizards was remarkable. However, much was unknown about the abilities of the new dragons. One fateful day, Marco and Duluth took flight, unaware of a sled above them; Duluth instinctively went between to avoid it without a destination in mind. Due to the unknown risks involved no dragon had yet gone between, and so not only were the two the first to do so, they were also the first to never return.

As tragic as their end was, this was not the end of their story. In death, Marco and Duluth became spirit guides for later pairs of rider and dragon to die while between, guiding spirits out from between to Paradise River Stake. Marco then explains to the newly deceased their circumstances, and if necessary, how they can move on to the afterlife 'beyond between'.

Appearance and personality


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