Vital statistics
Title Medic
Gender Male
Era First Interval
Second Pass
Affiliation Telgar Weyr
First appearance Red Star Rising / Dragonseye
Notable appearance Red Star Rising / Dragonseye

Healer Telgar Weyr Shield

Maranis was the weyr medic at Telgar Weyr at the end of the First Interval.


Maranis took care of Debera's father Lavel after he was mauled by Morath. He took care of Iantine, who was suffering from a mountain fever and brought to the weyr.

When the weyrfolk and dragonriders visited the Southern Continent, Maranis had to care for not only Tisha, who had a fever, but also Leopol, who had stepped on a thorn. Maranis also had to take care of P'tero and M'leng after they were attacked by felines, but he sent for head medic Corey to make sure he treated the two dragonriders properly.


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