Vital statistics
Gender male
Rank Lord Holder
Era First Pass / First Interval
Affiliation Tillek Hold
First appearance Dragonsblood

Tillek Shield

Malon was the third Lord Holder of Tillek Hold.


Shortly after becoming Lord Holder, he began keeping the hold's watch-wher, Tilsk, chained after she went missing one night. When Wind Blossom and M'hall arrived at Tillek to ask the Dolphins to recover genetic sequencers lost in the Crossing, they explained that Tilsk had been eating Thread, and Malon agreed to release her.

Later, at a meeting of Lord Holders, Weyrleaders, and Craftmasters, Malon supported the plan to use the last remaining stonecutters to carve rooms in Benden Weyr to hold equipment and instructions to counter the Dragon Plague.

He also wrote at least some of his Hold records himself and carefully preserved them, considering it important. Including the bell that Wind Blossom used to call the Dolphins


Malon had brown hair and a beard. He had brown eyes that M'hall thought had a "pleasant gentleness".


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