Vital statistics
Title Lady
Paying Student
Gender Female
Rank Lady
Era Eighth Interval
Affiliation Benden Hold
Harper Hall
Spouse Cording
Parent(s) Lord Maidir
Stepmother Lady Hayara
Siblings Raid, Hayon, Rasa, Naprila, Anta, Jonno, Drevalla
First appearance The Masterharper of Pern

Benden Shield Harper

Maizella was a holder in the Eighth Interval.


She meets with Raid, the newly arived Mastersinger Merelan, and her son Robinton, when she come to teach for a Turn in a contract, and also to teach Maizella, how to sing right.

Full and Half Sibling

Raid, Hayon, Rasa, Naprila, Anta, Jonno, Drevalla other Not Mention in Books.

She has a good voice that with Merelan's help she able to control. Robinton got back at her by sing duets with her in class and during evening entertainment.

Her father agree to let her have lessons at the Harper Hall.

Personality and traits

She has a loud voice, which she is trained as a soprano.


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