Madeleine Messurier
Vital statistics
Gender Female
Era First Pass
Affiliation Fort Hold
Ruatha Hold
First appearance The Ford of Red Hanrahan

Fort Shield Ruatha Shield

Madeleine «Maddie» Messurier lived on Pern during the First Pass.


Madeleine accompanied Red and Mairi Hanrahan when they moved from Fort Hold to Ruatha Hold. She was in charge of domestic arrangements. She was one of the people who arrived there before the bulk of the holders arrived.

She sent hot food to the holders who had to make the ford crossing. She supervised the preparation of the meal that Red and Mairi had arranged for the official naming of their hold.

Personality and traits

Caring, but strict and stubborn, could argue the Red himself. She did not hesitate to contradict him and tell him what to do.


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