Vital statistics
Gender Male
Rank Wingleader
Dragon Bronze Linth
Era Second Interval
Third Pass
Affiliation Fort Weyr
First appearance Dragonheart

Fort Weyr Shield

M'valer was a wingleader at Fort Weyr late in the Second Interval and early in the Third Pass. His dragon was Bronze Linth.


M'valer was one of H'nez's favorite wingleaders.

While discussing problems related to the Dragon Plague, K'lior suggested the possibility of two riders together or one rider on another's dragon, to which M'valer replied that it was 'Unthinkable' - except in the direst need. Cisca asked, "“How can we tell if, without your dragon flying one Fall, we will have enough strength for the next?”

Personality and Traits

M'valer was old and had been a wingleader ever since K'lior could remember. No matter how hard K’lior or Cisca praised the brown riders or encouraged them, the resentment of H'nez, K'rall, and M'valer always kept S'kan and N'jian feeling unworthy.


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