Vital statistics
Gender Male
Dragon Blue Arith
Era Sixth Pass
Affiliation Fort Weyr
First appearance Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern

Fort Weyr Shield

M'barak was a dragonrider of Fort Weyr in the Sixth Pass. His dragon was blue Arith.


He was one of the weyrlings that helped Moreta with the wing repair on Dilenth. He was to thread needles with exact length of thread which Moreta needed during the repair of the dragon's wing.

He enjoyed convening people, saying it was good training for his dragon. Leris' favorite pair.

At one point M'barak saw his dragon look closely at Lady Oklina, after retuning to Ruatha Hold after talking to Moreta. This was because Arith sensed that Oklina would be a good candidate for Orlith's golden egg.

M'barak stopped in High Hill Hold in search of apprentice-blown glass bottles for the serum made to prevent the plague. He took Nerilka and the glass bottles with him to the runnerbeast handles in Ruatha and helped Moreta to mount to take her with him back to Fort Weyr. He doesn't want to get in trouble with the Weyrlingmaster for being later to get ready for Fall.

The Weyrlingmaster explained him the behaviour of a Search Dragon.


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